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[APK] SHAZAM Lite the lite version of Shazam ideal for terminals with few system resources


Today I want to present an application that is about to arrive officially and which, under the name of Shazam Lite, is going to be the solution to all those users and Shazam stalwarts who complain that the official app that we know so far, consume too many system resources and that also consumes a large number of our mobile Internet connections data that , although the operators sold us as flat rates, we all know that just flat flat have the name since at end of month, as much as we try to ration the Internet, almost any month tend to finish it releases.

Shazam Lite, the apk that we share here directly, will be launched officially first in India, Viet Nam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Nigeria in English language, also will be launched officially in Spanish first in Venezuela later in a second cater for all Latin America. We hope that afternoon also come to our country, Spain, which at the moment has not been confirmed sooner date any… If you are resident in one of those countries that you have commented before, already can download the apk of Shazam Lite that you Deputy then e install it of way manual, them others, still can download the apk and install it of way manual, unless use an application of VPN and kid to it application for simulate an of those areas geographical I am afraid that at the moment do not we will be able to use. However if you want to know everything new that Shazam Lite, don’t miss detail of which I comment after click on “Continue reading this post”.

Everything offer us Shazam Lite, the new mini version of Shazam

Interfaz Shazam Lite

SHAZAM Lite comes to be what in his day, many many years ago was Shazam, a simple application of listening and identification of online music with which we can identify the title, artist and album of the music or melody heard through microphones our mobile devices.

This new version of Shazam which is intended for the so-called emerging countries, terminals or devices with too many system resources, need not even be installed on Android terminals with versions of Android 2.3 or higher versions of the same. So I see where the shots are going. A version that gives us just the main functionality we expect under the name Shazam Lite SHAZAM that is other than the power identify this song that we have just heard on the radio and so much like us.

In addition to be able to install and enjoy this version of Shazam Lite on those terminals older surely we have hidden or forgotten in a dark drawer, Shazam Lite is also optimized to work seamlessly with the Internet over slow connections such as the 2 G or 3 G networks, networks that even in the most advanced countries have forgotten that you exist in these other parts of the world is now same unique connections to the network who know and use every day.

Ultimately, Shazam Lite arrives to meet the needs of all those users who have terminals Android more old folks and with less system resources, that have bad connections to the Internet or who simply have Android terminals available for internal storage space. In an application of just 1 mb which is what weighs Shazam Lite, are going to be able to enjoy the pure essence of Shazam without major additions and features extras that most users have never come to a use.

If you want to download Shazam Lite apk and try this new version of Shazam liteada, recalls that will only be functional in these countries which I have commented above that unfortunately is not included Spain, only you have to click on this link which will take you to APK Mirror where you can get the Shazam Lite APK.

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