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[APK] Version 6.8 of Google Play Store activated the “beta” in “My applications” tab

Tester beta

The week passed the Play Store included a number of features for beta testing version 6.7, but what happened is that they disappeared quickly to reverse the process Google from a change from the server-side. The company has already announced a series of improvements to the Google Play which would include important changes to developers console.

We can finally say that beta testing options have appeared again for users that are in version 6.8 of Google Play Store. It is really adds a tab called new “beta” that will appear when you go to the “My applications” screen. Apart from the two tabs of life such as “Installed” and “All”, you’ll have this new call “Beta”.

This update comes from the server side, so it can happen that, even though you have version 6.8, it is not active. This update from the server adds the “Beta” tab from which you can access all those applications in which you take part in the beta.

Play Store Beta

When you click on one of those apps you will see a welcome message just below the name stating you that you are a beta tester of the application. Below you have the option of contacting the developer to share your feedback or errors that you have found, so that at the end of the information of the application, you can exit the beta at all times; something very useful if you want to return to the final version and thus not be the Guinea pig for some apps you want to that they always work fully.

With this said, now Open betas are included from the Play Store, as with the Maps, instead of be by clicking on any specific URL to become a tester. You can download the APK from version 6.8 to check that you have the active tab.

Download the APK from version 6.8 of the Play Store

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