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[APK] Yahoo launches a new app on Android to be informed in another manner: Newsroom


Android have the facility involved be informed through Google Now and Flipboard, most other so many apps for these conflicts. Today, already add a social network like Twitter more other bets of Facebook and many others, we find the ease of access to information at the same time. Another thing is the ability to “cure” that information and not find oversaturated with so many news.

Yahoo wants now to have another alternative to be up-to-the-minute news and encourage its 300 million users to contribute content. The company wants to fight a duel against Flipboard and Google Now with the new app Yahoo Newsroom for both iOS and Android.

Yahoo mentioned that your Newsroom system makes it easier to discover relevant content to your interests, and participate in conversations around those news stories in which one arrives to get passionate. From the scan tab you can find a good range of topics which Yahoo has called “Vibes”.

As you go by selecting this type of topics, your source of news it will adjust to the stories and conversations that you import. How many more “Vibes” you follow and participate in the stories, more content will be “cured” so you go by selecting automatically the most interesting for your tastes.

You will be capable of begin a discussion in the platform Yahoo and will allow that is can perform opinions completely legitimate. Customizing Yahoo technology ensures that users who share their interests will see your tickets and will be notified so that they enter into the conversation in a simple and direct way.

You can then download it from the link below to test Yahoo alternative to all those apps that we have for a long time on Android.

Download the APK’s Newsroom

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