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[APK] You can try Grace UX, interface of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 apps


It seems that this year will be the renovation complete to a series of layers custom of the largest manufacturers of Android of the moment. Huawei we know who wants to rely on one custom layer closer to a pure Android to thus removed from root all these criticisms that his cloak is sounds a lot like iOS-related. We also know that Samsung has given him a good facelift to its TouchWiz layer to even refer to it as Grace UX and that will be on view in Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The interesting thing is that, being already undergoing tests in South Korea, we have been able to access the Inspirational.

And it is that since this entry you can download all the inspirational that have been shared from the XDA Forum where yesterday updated the entry to publish the rest of apps that will be integrated in this custom layer which has received the name of Grace UX. Best of all is that to test most of the inspirational you need not be ROOT, although for some other Yes you should have installed the privileges that allow access to the system files. Another requirement is that Samsung mobile is updated to Android 6.0.

The Grace, the new Samsung UX Inspirational


  • Project Grace Launcher: available in APK format from this link that you also have instructions for installation, since you will need to unzip the file in a folder specifically.
  • Gallery 2016: you must download the APK deste this link and use the link below to download the wallpaper to background images. He is required to be installed the fix for wallpaper.
  • Project Grace Keyboard: Grace keyboard app and has some other detail differentiating when compared to Not 5. The APK is available from here, while the instructions from this one
  • Project Grace Calculator: get latest news in relation to the design with a more vivid color. You can download the APK and instructions from this link
  • Project Grace Voice Note: voice recorder from Samsung also available for download from this link
  • Project Grace Message: now the of messages with the new Grace UX interface. You can download it from this link, while the instructions from here
  • Project Grace Phone: the phone with contacts app. The download from here and instructions from this one

You have the rest of apps from the same input on XDA forums and that you can access from this link. I await the music player, video player, email app, the Sfinder or the own clock that can come I very well to have a variety of apps from system in tune with the new UX. All that to say that as you have to be walking with permissions, restart the terminal and ROOT privileges, which you walk with eye so that all work perfectly. Also say that the apps have been extracted from a Galaxy Note 5 and have been tested only in a Galaxy S6, although it should work perfectly in the S7 Galaxy or Galaxy Note 5.


Although it is not much so that published this new version of the custom layer which have named Grace, may be interesting see If it’s really worth the work they have done. What always may be the feeling that would happen with these high-end if they had a version more pure Android will have the Huawei when the Chinese company IFA fair present innovations for its custom layer. A great hardware will always work best with a lightweight layer that take advantage of those GB’s RAM, chips of high quality and a battery that does not it will require great efforts.

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