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[APK] YouTube Gaming 1.5 adds chat about videos, landscape orientation, history of reproductions and much more

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We can almost say that YouTube Gaming is approaching more to what we would have wanted when it was launched last year. We are at a very important moment for the streaming platforms in a panorama that is drawing on several that are putting everything theirs so that in a few years whether it is impossible to think about to compete against them. Is by this that Google is has since them batteries and has exploited its platform of YouTube to introduce it head in this world of the gaming that will be an of them parts recreational more important for the next decades.

YouTube Gaming is becoming greater and today has released an update, after the last of 5 months ago, that it manages to improve the user experience to all those players and spectators who have found a special reason to follow the gaming stars in this app. In the version 1.5 has been updated with more news as we chat about the video when it is played in landscape mode and full screen. This will take us to be able to enjoy of the best and at the same time to see the comments and chat with all those viewers who are encouraging the best movements or actions by the streamer occur.

Landscape orientation

Vertical format does not produce great feelings and is required to use the landscape mode so that these items appear in all their dimensions. This landscape mode is ideal for the reproduction of video and most of these items in real time not to lose detail of any of these video game console or PC.

YouTube Gaming

In version 1.5 we have the option for this format of presentation videos and streamings to almost have to clap for the delay in that case this feature to YouTube Gaming.

Chat about those videos to display complete

Chat about the videos is also vital in a platform of streaming of games in real time that it wants to be taking a serious. YouTube Gaming lacked this feature and this got that he wasn’t chosen by many who prefer to Twitch to comply in all basic aspects that must have a service as well.

YouTube Gaming

Many of them spectators is entertain with them commentators with their fun occurrences or those emoticons that are capable of filling in some moment the screen. Apart from that serves of feedback for the streamer for thus follow the desires of some of them users that are subscribers or are paying with a quantity of money. So essential to a feature, and now we finally have it in YouTube Gaming.

The comments are drawn on top of the video and go down automatically with a background for chat that video, you can still see so you don’t much mind. To activate this chat mode is pressed on the screen and displays the video to select the chat icon. It is worth mentioning that this format is enabled only when it is full screen mode.

History of reproductions

All the videos that you have played are now located in a list that functions as a web browser history. You can access by clicking on the image of your profile at the top right and then press on the button of “history” in the middle of the list. There is the option to disable the history of reproductions from the settings > privacy.

Sponsor and subscriptions from the channel screen

Ended up with a couple of features that you will come very well to those streamers. In the popup menu of the channel screen are two new commands: sign up and sponsor. The option of subscribe adds the channel to your list of subscriptions, while “sponsored” opens a service of subscription for donations to some channels to encourage as well to their followers. The reason for this option has been added to the pop-up menu, is so that you have more visibility and users know that they can subscribe to your favorite streamer to keep this with their games and their ability to attract public.


If you want to access this version you have the APK below. A major upgrade to YouTube Gaming which also has new features to change the content by location, so have the streaming of your country, or the button for the floating player.

YouTube Gaming 1.5 APK download

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