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Apps for Android Wear 2.0 must be installed separately

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We have known these days that the smartwatches are not picking up positive, but rather negative sales figures, and it is not only that is Android Wear the guilty of this, but Apple also seen with his Watch, which follows the same path of discouragement to a format of product in which it is quite difficult to bring something that manages to be sufficiently attractive for the public in general.

With regards to Android Wear 2.0, the next iteration of the OS changed to wearables, begin to get some details on some features that are not being very well received by developers. Ian Lake, one of those Googlers, has revealed that in the version 2.0 of Android Wear them apps must of be installed from it Play Store of the smarwatch instead of do it from the app companion of the smartphone.

Currently, the apps are from your own smartphone. Users install an app for Android that comes with the Android Wear version, so that automatically installed in the smart clock.

According to Lake, Wear 2.0 users will have to go through the version of Google Play Clock Store, either if it is or the equivalent is not installed in the own smartphone. A weapon of double edged, since them users will have that install two times the same app both in your smartphone as in his smarwatches, while for them developers means that will have that “packaging” the app of form independent for Wear.

More steps for get it same, although from the opinion of Lake, ensures that the decision was taken from them studies that is collected of the behavior of those users with their smartwatches. What makes it easy is that to be installing apps from the own Google Play, the user can discover new apps for your smart watch.

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