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Are filters Smart Glow, the new type of notifications LED of Samsung, in the Galaxy J2 (2016)

Smart Glow

If you have to reinvent all the elements of a phone to highlight to others, it is. We’ve already seen as the screen, something that looked like it would not be greater changes in the coming years, the panel edge will have a great effect so that in the next Galaxy Note7 will see it as a standard design for this great phone.

Something similar is happening with that light of notification LED to us serves to know if have received a WhatsApp, a message of Telegram or a mention of Facebook. And is that thanks to the Galaxy J2 (2016), Samsung is showing a new type of notifications LED with that ring to which has called Smart Glow.

Smart Glow is able to activate different colors depending on that call, the State of battery charge or even be partially lit so to face appears in a way full when you go to make a selfie with the rear camera. Them others plans that has Samsung is that is can include alerts of time and measures to help to know the rhythm cardiac or other type of things.

Now, thanks to this filter we know really how it will Smart Glow in that first image in which is the concept as is, and not how it was in the previous filtration. A feature to consider in upcoming phones launching the Korean manufacturer that is possibly a success, since lately Samsung keeps on hitting with these new additions. Also we will have to see how it behaves on battery consumption, since among the “always on” mode, notification LED ring and some other extra, can assume a consumption that perhaps we came better for another sere of functionalities, as to pass the day entirely on autonomy; If we were talking about one of the new high range.

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