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Are more details about Torchlight Mobile, shown at the Tokyo Game Show

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Devil is one of the best franchises of Blizzard and its three titles have served to draw a type of game in which have been to many others imitate those random maps, different races to choose from or those graphics in isometric view that are able to dive through dungeons and all kinds of environments. His best imitators include Torchlight and Path of Exile, and the first is which will soon land on Android.

Torchlight is the imitation to it cartoon of Diablo 2 and us leads to the same gameplay, although with a touch visual slightly different. A year ago we met Torchlight was heading the mobile, and now when we have more details about this dungeon crawler/RPG from the Tokyo Game Show, which has enabled us to even take a look at the gamepaly from a video which shows a good map, and what would be one of those big bosses that so many we like.

The differences between the PC and the mobile are mostly found in controls. To start, you will have three races at your disposal and if, in the PC version, players could access 36 skills, at the mobile variant 64 additional abilities we have.


You can even open your own store to sell all the loot you’ve found in these dungeons that are waiting for you. That loot will be equal that others so many games as devil that, to the kill to the monsters and enemies late, will have new equipment that use or, as in this case, sell.

Similar to the version of PC, this game will be centered in the dungeons and in those heads late that us will put them things well difficult. Torchlight will be wooled in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mancau for end of the year. So possibly, some weeks or months after, will have the option of enjoying of Torchlight with the model freemium. Do not miss the video to enjoy its gameplay.

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