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Are really needed the Cleaners or cleaners automated for Android?

Aplicaciones para optimizar Android ¿son realmente necesarias?

Return with an of those questions existential of the system operating Android, it asks that surely you’ve made any time not is another that it of if would really are needed them cleaners or cleaners automated for Android?.

Then, in this post I want to give some keys to give you account that these applications of the type Cleaners, automated cleaners for Android or even optimizers miscellaneous products for Android, more than a practical solution become all a problem for the smooth functioning of our Android.

The case is that if most users in this operating system like Android, assumes and understands that it is not necessary to install any anti-virus or anti-malware for Android to keep us safe from threats or infections, the same happens with these optimizing Android apps, which, rather than help your terminal Android in the functioning and performance of the day the vast majority of the time become a major drawback that far from solving the problem of cleaning and optimization of the operating system, become all a ballast and a charge added to it, slowing down it and consume precious resources needed for the proper functioning of our terminal.

The majority of processes that promise to kill or clean these poorly called cleaners automated for Android, are limited to cleaning the cache files, duplicate files on our internal storage as well as delete duplicates of photos or music or own thumbnails of them, which inevitably will have to be reloaded on the next restart of the system or the next time that we open the application in question , with what will notice a slowdown in the system because you have to open new resources that have been deleted.


Another of the things that often make these so-called cleaners for Android or Cleaners, default is to delete already installed apk files and we have left in the memory inside or outside of our Android, although without a doubt the most serious of these, effect as you say over and over again, evil cleaners called u optimizers for Android, lies in the persistence to delete time applications we have to occupy our RAM memory , a few applications that are housed in the RAM memory precisely to streamline the system, running before when we call them something that helps your operating system to be much faster and more efficient while it allows you to save battery.

It is all of this and the constant use of resources that make in the background, the that personally I do not recommend not installing these applications called automated Android cleaners or optimizing Android applications. And it is that you to be an advanced solution for most inexperienced users on Android, these applications in the long term, become a serious problem in the performance and efficiency of our Android devices.

There are other applications in the Google Store Play to get delete duplicated files on our terminals, applications that just to be executed manually when we need to really make cleaning of our Android device, therefore not constantly consuming resources of our operating system applications.

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Clean the cache memory that is another of the peculiarities that offer us these cleaners for Android, this can do it manually with just entering our Android settings in the storagesection, from there just click on the option of data cache is will allow us to perform a full erase of the same.

Although if this mode will not get to convince, there is a simpler method to perform a full data cache emptying, and this is just to simply perform a full Terminal restart, or turn on and completely our Android for a couple of minutes.

So, to end this article just say by way of information or personal opinion according to my own experience with Android, that these type apps Android automated cleaners are absolutely nothing and more than one possible solution or remedy are often converted into the authentic problem and nightmare of our Android.

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