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Are the first pictures of the Galaxy Note 7 refurbished

Already several months suspected that South Korean fame Samsung could be planning the sale of its ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 refurbished units, until a couple of weeks, through a statement focused on the recycling of devices to be respectful with the environment, Samsung confirmed such intentions.

Effectively, the company will sell units refurbished the Galaxy Note 7, but not in the United States or probably other “first world” countries, they will do so in emerging markets and, perhaps, previous change of name. After meeting these plans officially, have now begun to circulate through the network the first pictures of this Galaxy Note 7 from Viet Nam refurbished.

Obviously, no one should expect any novelty in these images because the phone looks exactly equal in its outward appearance, and becomes identified with the SM-N935 model number.

As already predicted previously, the new Galaxy Note 7 has a battery capacity of slightly less, 3200 mAh instead of the 3,500 mAh with that had the original, and works with Android 7.0 Nougat, whose firmware and kernel creation date is February 2017.

With these images gives the feeling that the launch of this restored Edition of the “explosive” Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is closer than ever although, as already noted, this terminal already not reach markets such as Canada, United States or even the India, nor tpco we have at the moment information what will be its retail price.

From one standpoint of both environmental (frame in which the announcement was made) as financial, the sale of these terminals has its logic as is million telephones. They obviously do not have those batteries that were the source of the problemto and also assumes that they have passed harsh tests of security however, in the hypothetical case that one of these units back to ignite (something that happens from time to time to practically any brand), then Samsung should go back to the pharmacy because a tremendous headache could arise.

Do you think it is worth this risk? Would you buy a Galaxy note 7 refurbished if they sold it in Spain or in the country from which we read??

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