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Aristotle is the bet of Mattel to him Google Home for them more kids of the House


Virtual Assistants are another major current trend, but the oddest thing is that Amazon and Google are only that have been proposed to take all the win having no greater competition. Of the two, certainly I prefer Google Home, but it is Amazon Echo which is opening up for other companies, like yesterday Lenovo, present their alternatives with Alexa as the great voice.

Mattel is another that joins this trend and, apart from being known for their excellent toys, from today you will know that you have a gadget for the home which costs $300 and that is called Aristotle. A device for the kids of the House and that it is intended to “live” in the same room.

Aristotle is trained to recognize the voice of the child and be a female voice that grows as your child moves. Robb Fujioka, Vice President of Mattel, explains it very well:

Aristotle is designed to be a little more specific than those attendees of today’s voice: a “nanny”, friend and tutor that he intends to help your child with school work such as learning a language. Is intelligence artificial that will help to the education of your children.


Apart from answering questions and read stories to the kids of the House, Aristotle can also function as a monitor of babies. Parents can choose to play music or emit different colored lights when you hear that your child is crying. Equipped with camera connected to the Internet, by which you can get to see the baby is doing.

Aristotle is Alexa, so it also becomes an Assistant smart for parents. In fact, can register and carry it has of them diapers and even suggest that buy more.

A device that will not be available until the month of June and proposing an alternative to the Assistant smart home.

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