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ASUS introduces Zenbo, its personal assistant robot for your home

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Asus has today a great day and, apart from presenting his new Asus Zenfone 3 series, has also had his moment to approach the world of Robotics and the personal assistance through a well funny and cute robot. We gradually penetrate into another era in which Robotics will blow with this personal assistance that is seeing its way paved through the Internet of things.

The Asus Zenbo is a new robot for the home which among its features is the personal assistance. The idea of Asus is this robot to reach all the houses to take advantage of some of its capabilities, as it can be used for entertainment or as if we had a sort of Alexa/Google Home that moves through all the spaces of the home.

It can be connected to your mobile devices and will be able to show you who is at the door, while you can block it if you so wish it. It also includes options to manage the smart TV, smart home lighting, air conditioning and other gadgets that are within it called as Internet of things.

Asus Zenbo

A robot that goes directly into the connected home and will be able to move if same, apart from receiving voice commands. You will be able to tell you where going to make you obey immediately. Another of its curiosities is that his face will serve as a touch screen, so you can launch video calls from your panel or mismamente to browse the web with your face.

ASUS Zenbo will be able to remind you of alarms, urgent messages and even dance. What there is to take into account that Asus will not launch it immediately, but that it is promoting a program for developers that will offer is the SDK to enable you to create apps for this robot. Once Asus decide to launch it, will be priced at 599 dollars.

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