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AutoVoice to Google Home brings fully customizable commands

If there is something good about Android is the ability that has this SO in order to increase the features and apps, services and devices inherent to the system. Google Home is one of those devices that, although have characteristics very notable, could even be enhanced from base by the great G.

One of those improvements would be the linking of Google mobile apps and third party Google Home, something that could be of great help to the users, although there is still a long way to go. With AutoVoice, you can unlock such large capacity that holds Google Home and that is simply spectacular.

Designed to work with the program ‘ Actions on Google’, AutoVoice is an app that anyone can buy to your Google Home. Simply open the app Home, was browsing through the list of services of Google Home, AutoVoice is located and is linked to a Google account.

The possibilities offered by AutoVoice are unlimited and put us well long teeth not being able to use them without still the option to acquire Google Home. AutoVoice integrates with Tasker so that everything goes perfectly, so something of decent knowledge of this app is needed to be able to perform more complicated tasks.


It can be, for example, configured the option “find my phone“, apart from others such as checking notifications, respond to messages on your phone, launch content from Kodi to the TV, find locations and even begin calls on the smartphone.

What is needed is Tasker and AutoVoice in beta for Android (you can participate to it since the beta of Google + community). An once you have everything installed and AutoVoice at Home is enabled, you will need to launch the app AutoVoice. You can activate the call from your phone with the command “Ok Google, beam AutoVoice call” voice, and the phone will start to ring so find it.

It is only an example of all the options that can be given with AutoVoice with Google Home.

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