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Avast acquires AVG of $ 1,300 million


We always recommend that you go through this post to solve some of the problems from the virus on Android or read some of the recommendations to maintain the most secure system possible incident that can spoil the user experience that we get daily with our smartphone or Android tablet.

On Android, we have several series options such as antivirus, including Avast and AVG on the other hand. As it is now when the first has acquired the second on a surprising purchase in the amount of $ 1,300million. A rival buys another to pay $ 25 per share, which is just a 33 percent more than the value that currently had AVG.

The intention of this purchase is to position itself as one of the major anti-virus companies, and if Avast already has 160 million users worldwide, the union takes you to the 400 million around the world.

Two companies that have their antivirus on Android and which have demonstrated since the PCs his good do to offer greater security when one has some of its suites installed for free. And it is from this free offer that have been gaining millions of users around the world, when offers such as the Mcafee have valid offer payment products. Android is worth of a system has many security holes in Windows, but they are worth to have a good string of tools to be well optimized system.

So with this purchase Avast is positioned as one of the leaders in security systems and we will have to see how it stands now in Android when AVG and Avast with their own apps in the Google Play Store.

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