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Barnes & Noble plans to return to the market of tablets with Nook

Barnes & Noble

The greater chain of bookstores of United States and that has a good experience in the market of them eReaders, is planning its turned to the market of tablets according to seems to be with what would be a new device of greater dimensions. This would have passed through the FCC certification, which gives way to the launch of a product in particular.

Perhaps, by the good success of sales which is picking up the Amazon Fire tablet, which did the first impressions of the 8 HD makes weeks, Barnes & Noble doesn’t want to lose the opportunity and occur with a product that to match in performance. We know many of the details of the tablet, but it will be a Nook device.

Will be the first device Nook that has produced Barnes & Noble in much time since stopped the sales of this series already makes some few years. In the middle of problems financial, Barnes & Noble decided to associate is with Samsung to produce versions Nook of the tablets of the giant technological Korean.

Barnes & Noble

It is now when they want to return to the market with their own tablets. The model is the number BNTV450 and we would be before a tablet of 7 inch with a chip quad-core MediaTek MT8163 and a battery of 3,000 mAh. Comes equipped with slot for microSD, camera rear and front and Bluetooth 4.0. Know what storage options, but would not be crazy to think that there will be several variants as well as the two options of the Fire 8 HD from Amazon.

But the really curious thing about this tablet is that it seems that it will offer support to the Google Play Store instead of being subscribed to your own content or ecosystem. Logically, the Barnes & Noble software will be integrated into the system, but you will have access to all these Android apps, so you will have a great advantage if you know to find alternatives to Amazon-like prices.

We hope to have more news to know more about this tablet which will be manufactured by Shenzhen Jingway.

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