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-Based swipes you decide your future as King in Reigns

Them screens touch of our smartphones us allow a special interaction to which not had State accustomed to his arrival already makes some few years. To enjoy of certain video games, as those of strategy or simulation, can give to a new experience that means that can do more things in matter of seconds. A speed of actions depends on our speed of our hands. Not are only those two genres which is worth of it touch to offer another experience, but there are others so many that even is worth of clubbing the screen to go killing enemies, as can be those clickers.

We serve in the Reigns of the swipes to decide what we will do with the different events that will be happening as they go past the weeks and we go knowing all kinds of characters who will lead us to the least expected end, our death. A game in which the decisions are vital and in which there is that measure them well to lengthen the time of life of our reign, since, as all King, this has a time limit. Can die by the oligarchy that takes the throne or for the village plain and even the Church. A video game special, original and with a special touch to bring us to how difficult that can be King and content to all those who assume is are under our mandate. Reigns is in offer in these days so passes forward and by the Play Store to be before one of them games more curious of the last years.

How difficult that may prove to be King

To it Tinder (I mean based swipes to the left or right), you will have that go deciding the road that will be taking certain stories that are presented. If you drag to the left with your finger, you can find the answer you give to the clergyman when asked you some support to undertake better winter, while if you come towards the opposite direction, you will have a completely opposite that will take you around other parts.


Reigns is a mixture between an game of cards and a simulator in which pretend to be King is very difficult task. A video game designed by the editor well prolific and that we know by return Digital. Let’s say, that Reigns in every decision you make will generate a story that will even be able to put the end to your reign name, such as Pedro “El loco” or John “The Witcher”. A game that at first may cost to understand it, but as we are going to make progress will find that there is so much more than what seems to be at first.

Responding well complicated situations

The story progresses and with four features you have at the top, you can go by measuring the course of events. If before decide, drag to any of the sides, can see as them points are located on any of those 4 features. Not know if will score negatively or positively, but know the effect, since can be more or less according to the size of the point. Is being attentive to the texts and the narration of the story, which can give you clues to make the right decisions.


Are before a game that its mechanical of game are simple, but what is back is quite complex and you will cost dominate those situations, since it more easy is that return to die a time behind another. The funny thing is that you will return to birth, but as another King with another name. It is one of those games that feel Chair, so, if you are looking for an original game and one of the best of the year, Reigns is perfect for this.

It is available right now on offer at € 0.50 in the Play Store and soon will return to its original price, so you are already taking to buy it.

Technical quality


The design of the letters and performance is great quality for a video game that you forget animations (only certain engagements), since the cards do not give for more. An excellent game that is worth a careful visual aspect to make you believe you’re a King.

Opinion of the editor


  • A very original game
  • Great future of events
  • More complex than it appears to be


  • Nothing

Download application

Download: Reigns (€0.50, Google Play) →

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