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Best browsers for Android files

Users of Android devices have great advantages over its major competitor. Usually refers to its high degree of customization however, one of the most used and valued advantages is the possibility to manage files almost as if we were to meet before a computer.

Application dedicated to manage, explore and manage files are among the most important apps on any Android device. With them, users can navigate through your files, find files that have been downloaded, manage available storage space, move your files and much more. Possibly, not everyone is very interested in the Organization of files since it’s something rather boring, however, all users, to a greater or lesser extent, require a file Explorer. Then we will see a selection of some of the best applications to manage and explore your files from your Android device.

IS File Explorer / Manager Pro

ES File Explorer is one of those applications that have been “always” and best of all is that has almost all the features that you can ask a file Explorer. After its acquisition by another person, the free version of the app is not nothing recommendable however, its professional version works great.

Download: It is File Explorer/Manager PRO (€2.99, Google Play) →

MK Explorer (File manager)

MK Explorer is a much more recent file manager. It is an extremely simple application, no frills, something that many users like. Its interface conforms to the Design Material and has the basic functions of a file manager: copy, paste, delete, support SD card and root access. Available in 20 languages and also has a text, a gallery and a music player integrated editor. That Yes, forget the cloud or networked storage. Even so, for what is designed, it is a good and cheap option.

Download: MK Explorer (File manager) (+Free, Google Play) →

File Manager

Direct and simple name, “File manager” (File Manager) is an application also fairly recent offering the best file management functions, from the most basic functions of storage in the cloud, NAS support, and more. You can even browse your apps, your music and your videos. To make matters worse, it is free, no purchases within the app and ad-free.

Due to its simple user interface, it is extremely easy to use. With File Manager +, can easily manage the files and folders on your device, NAS (networked storage) and storage in the cloud such as Dropbox and Google Drive. […] It is compatible with all the Administration’s actions (open, search, browse folders, copy, paste, cut, delete, rename, compress, decompress, transfer, download, mark and organize) [and] is compatible with major file formats, including apk and formats of media files.

Download: (Free, Google Play) file manager →

File Manager (File Explorer) ASUS

The ASUS file manager is compatible with most devices Android, even those that are not ASUS. Also has a simple and clean interface with support for LAN and SMB, storage in the cloud, and more. It is completely free, without integrated shopping but with some ads. His biggest failure is that it offers no root access.

ASUS File Manager helps you to control all your files and they are stored in the memory of the device, in a card micro-SD, in the local area network or cloud storage accounts. By default, ASUS File Manager enables operations copy, move, change of name, deletion or sharing files that are either in their places of storage. It also allows you to browse your files and access them by category.

Download: File Manager (File Explorer) (Free, Google Play) →

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is a file browser for Android’s open-source focused on offering an experience simple and light for those who only need that, browse through your files. Material Design allows SMB file sharing, it has an integrated application manager to uninstall apps, root Explorer and much more. It is free download and provides integrated shopping optional if you want to help finance its development.

Download: Amaze File Manager (Free+, Google Play) →

This is only a small selection of file managers for Android, but there are many more. Do you use one? What and what reasons did you go for it?

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