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Best decoration applications for Android

aplicacion decoración android

You want to change something in your home and don’t know where to start? Intend to paint your room and doubt between two colors different? Then don’t miss this compilation with thes best decoration for your phone or tablet Android applications.

In this top we will show you the best apps to decorate your home using augmented reality elements so you can see how would be the walls of your home with this new tone that you like so much.

These are the best apps for decorating your house using your device Android

Bruguer Visualizer

Click here to view the embedded video.

With this powerful tool can change the color of your room thanks to the reality augmented so can choose between them different colors of the known brand without fear to go wrong you.

In addition to be able to change the colour of the walls in your House just to press the screen, from Bruguer app you will offer several color patterns to match the colors you’ve chosen, in addition to find paint stores nearest to your home.

Obviously, although not go to buy paintings of the brand, can take advantage of its powerful application of decoration to see if that tone cake fits well in the room of them children.

Download: Bruguer Visualizer (Free, Google Play) →

Houzz decoration for your home

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No doubt Houzz is the application of reference if you want to decorate your House. This application of decoration has more than 9 million photographs in high resolution so you find the best ideas to decorate your home.

You can filter the photos by space, style, location… and keep them in your virtual album of ideas quickly and easily. And its mechanism of use is really simple: so only have that do a photography of that corner of the House that like change and begins to add elements of the Gallery of images, or leave notes in the photography. I said, the decor more complete android app.

Download: Houzz decoration for your home (Free, Google Play) →

Home Design 3D

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You can make some sound I Home Design 3D. And is that this powerful application takes years available for PC, giving now the jump to our phones and tablets Android.

With Home Design 3D we can create our own projects of flat’s plant in space interiors. The mechanism of use is really simple and intuitive: first create the plane 2 D of the different spaces for then adding walls, doors, sofas and other items available on the list of more than 800 objects available.

This application uses a freemium system so that although the free version is fully functional, you can not save your projects. To do this you will have to go through cash and pick up the full version of the application. Is your price? 5.99 euros to activate the auto saved, besides a Pro version which costs 8.99 euros and allows you to access all the options of Home Design 3D.

Download: Home Design 3D – FREEMIUM (Free*, Google Play) →

Planner 5 d

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5 d Planner is a free online tool that also makes the leap to Android. It allows you to create plans in 2D and 3D for any interior or exterior design thanks to this powerful application to decorate that no doubt you will be surprised.

Planner 5 d offers a series of tools that will allow us to create the design you have in mind a very simple and intuitive, thanks to the many forms of room templates, or your library of furniture, appliances and other everyday objects to perform a perfect recreation.

Download: Planner 5 d – (Free*, Google Play) Interior design →

Homestyler Interior Design

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Finally we present Homestyler Interior Design, a powerful tool that will help you decorate your home easily thanks to the simplicity of this application. And it is that you just have to take a picture of the room you want to redecorate and start adding items in 3D available in its complete database to see if that pink sofa would be good in your dining room.

Download: Homestyler Interior Design (Free, Google Play) →

What you seem to be these applications of decoration for Android? Do you think that we have left us some app to decorate in the pipeline?

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