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Beta Apps provides you access to all betas of Google Play apps

Beta apps

Don’t like all the users test the betas of your favorite apps for problems that can bring with it, although they usually tend to be well ready to go taking these interesting new features such as video calls in the latest beta of WhatsApp. A form of access to a feature striking before others many users.

An application that is perfect to know those programs betas of others so many apps is Beta Apps. Beta Apps is an app simple in their use and that its purpose is facilitate you the access to those apps that have their program beta in the Google Play Store. In this way you will know that some of those applications you have on your phone, have new features being tested if you install them.

Apps Beta is a simple application and what does is offer you them links to direct you to the program beta of an application. This is done, you will have to follow the steps of the app to find you before that window in which you must accept to be a tester and so go to what is the installation of the new version from the Play Store.

Not has more than this, because of time leaves of side what is the advertising or any form of monetize the app. We cannot say that in the immediate future includes some novelty to retrieve the work which provides all users wanting, so for now we take advantage of a simple application that has an objective clear: show you all the betas that are in the Google Play Store.

Another of their functions special is the opening that has before developers of third that can put is in contact with the developer so send the link to your own program beta of your app in the Google Play Store.

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