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BitTorrent Now is a new app for the independent music that has come to Android


The vast majority of music services advocate for bringing all these soundtracks that have livened up in certain parts of our life moments that become our memory as the time of the Institute, when we went out partying with friends or when we spent several years at the University. The music reflects part of our State emotional and therefore there are several services that are well linked to this same.

But not all advocate offer all those bands that we all know in different styles of music, but seeking to offer a space for musicians and music groups unknown that can find your website at BitTorrent Now, a new app for streaming music and video that has just landed on Android in today. A service that you can access for independent artists coming from the more commercial and known.

An app dedicated to independent music

Many of the best-known artists of the moment of music rock or mismamente indie, have had to spend sometime to be that music artists call as independent. This allows great freedom when that band or musician is expressed by what usually have their own entity. So an app like BitTorrent Now can come in very well to discover new music that is quite difficult to reach at times.

BitTorrent Now

All the music you find on BitTorrent Now is supplied by own content creators. That said, not everything that you can play is not completely free, as any it will be worth advertising or require a payment to access. It is also based in the “Bundle” for the contents of payment. Files can use free of charge, to then pay for some to access premium content. Artists can also put a price minimum for these “Bundles”, although if you like the group or musician always you can pay more.

We are also, therefore, on a platform where artists can find benefits and continue composing and playing music, so it is also normal that these forms of payment offered.

The app itself

The app is very well designed for the first version and contained bugs. We launched it and have the option to login with Facebook, Gmail or create an own service account. Already within the app are the main screens where we can find recommended, trend, following and the search option. On the other hand, we have the profile since you can view existing replicas, the Favorites and who follow.

BitTorrent Now

If you press any of the artists listed in recommended, we enter in its own profile in which we can follow him, playing their songs and find a description about your style and ideas. Here we find an interface similar to the YouTube but with a well designed in dark subject and which stands out for the font style and various animations. The reality is that BitTorrent Now has a unique style which puts it in front of an app well special in this regard. But that said, it has bugs.

Trending tab leads to the artists or groups most reproduced and helps us to learn what the most recognized from this platform. It is important to mention that hashtags will find them by many parties in the app and will allow us to quickly access groups and related music. The other advantage is able to follow favorite artists and the search option in which are again all those hashtags in the form of categories to access music, alternative, ambient, electro, folk, hip hop, funk, dubstep and many others that I encourage you to to explore.

An interesting app that opens at the independent music via BitTorrent and that joins others such as SomaFM who became free recently.

Download: BitTorrent Now (Free, Google Play) →

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