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Bixby works on older Samsung smartphones

On Wednesday, March 29 Samsung finally showed the world their new ships logo in what smartphones are mean, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and with them, the South Korean company gave a new thrust to the field of Artificial Intelligence by integrating Bixby, a new and do exclusive? virtual assistant who, for now, would only be available on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

But then, what happens to those users that you will still keep their older Samsung smartphones for a while? Samsung has not manifested itself have plans to launch Bixby as an application through the Google Play Store. And Furthermore, it is unknown if the company plans to expand this feature to other phones and, if so, when you intend to do so. However, there is who has managed Bixby to work on a smartphone that is not the Galaxy S8.

As has been revealed in XDA Developer Forums, user takerhbk has managed to be capable of functioning in a Galaxy S device Bixby7, a fact that has helped a lot of users to replicate the process.

And it turns out that any Samsung device running Android Nougat should be able to run unofficially Bixby. To do this, firstly there install the Launcher Galaxy S8 and subsequently, installing the Bixby APK file.

The entire process can be found on forums from developers of XDA I leave below; You must simply make sure to follow instructions to the letter and it will work, or that claim them:

  • Forum 1
  • Forum 2

If you decide to take the test, in Androidsis will be happy to that leave us in the comments your impressions: has worked? In which phone has been able to have the “except” virtual assistant Bixby? Does it run correctly?

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