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BlackBerry surrenders at his own failure

Blackberry se rinde ante su propio fracaso

Remember the lyric of the song of Maria Jimenez, icon of the music Spanish😅? “Because I I what I proposed and suffered…” As well you better soundtrack to Blackberry who wanted to suffer a finish that was clearly inevitable.

BlackBerry has tried, to the extent of their possibilities and sound little success, resisting the advance of giants like Samsung or Apple, but finally had to give in to a failure that refused to accept. The Canadian company, in other much admired times especially in the business sphere and business, has finally announced that do not continue manufacturing mobile phones. What surprise!

BlackBerry will appeal to “the others” to manufacture telephones

Indeed, Blackberry are yields. Already not manufactured more mobile phones never, ever, ever of you takes them, but attempts, that if you think that the company was going to disappear by magic, nothing at all, were very wrong.

The news took place during a meeting concerning the company’s financial results. There, own Blackberry, John Chen, CEO announced that the company will end up with any domestic production of phones. Yes, you read well, “domestic production”. And that that means?

Apparently, Blackberry has decided to concentrate all its efforts on software development, and forget once and for all the hardware. The idea is that this “will allow us to reduce costs and increase the benefits of our investments”, stated Chen.

BlackBerry will continue to live, but starting from now, will be third companies which is occupy of all the processes of manufacturing of phones mobile, as has come doing until the time Google. Although it will maintain the “Blackberry” brand, as they point from Re/Code.

The decision already was inevitable. The company Canadian had that reduce expenses Yes or Yes after reveal some losses that haunt them 370 million of $.

Starting from now, the future of the company is uncertain. You must deal with your debt and take a good way if you don’t want to end up definitely falling into oblivion.

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