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Bloody multiplayer affronts await you in the addictive Bowmasters

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Angry Birds was made very famous by the use of the physics of objects and the parabolic gameplay at the launch of the cute birds. So look for the perfect arc to fall into this set of elements, so that they could give to the little pigs enemies, with its consequent effect appropriate to the physics of objects, got that let us still trying to have one of those titles that were arriving one after the other. That form of game has been copied by others as many studies that have published their “clone” with a thematic different and varied, but always the essence belongs to that Angry Birds.

Bowmasters gives a twist to the gameplay that we need to find the perfect dish to our enemy, but it does so from the position of fighters of all colors and styles, so you remove it the opposite in a special, bloody and curious affront. As the gunmen or those gentlemen’s duels hidden low armor and mounted on their horses, Bowmasters invites you to a bleeding of successes and failures that we will know who is the winner, if your special character or player that is located in another part of the planet.

Aim, shoot and hit on the head

Bowmasters is worth also of that form of shoot of Worms, or of them headshots that see in them shooters more popular, so so can delete of a form more fast the life that has the opposite. And is that here we have a series of duels that will take us to the most divine of victories or the most suffered defeats.


Initially, you you will find the enemy AI-driven of the smartphone so you have to take care of the shots with your weapons. As in Angry Birds, press the screen where East our armed hero, and move your finger so that we can go directing the trajectory and power of the shot. When already have the address list, release the finger, and it launches u another type of weapon, will be released direct towards the enemy, if have been able of find the path proper for this.

The characters more diverse you’ll find

This is the core of the gameplay of Bowmasters. Those levels will be passing and will take a moment in that can access to them different modes of game. Will have to your please the option of unlock 30 characters that are brightly designed and that have enough grace, since both them releases as them hits received by the contrary, will be full of blood, animations fun and effects of sound that will get chop you to in your next try to, hit as it has made it.


Apart from those 30 characters different to unlock, you can Select your weapon among 31 different. Here have a good variety of them to have even some explosive that will have that back to press in screen to make them explode.

Although it best of this game are the duels with friends and those modes multiplayer that put all the meat in the grill to want follow playing you without stop. In these multiplayer modes you can shoot both birds and fruit, beat you in duel with enemies and receive money in return. You can use this to improve your skills.

A video game in which characters make nods to big television series as it is Breaking Bad (ole that Walter White) and that you have it for free from the Google Play Store. A game casual perfect for Christmas and throw those mythical piques with family when we are on Christmas Eve and others.

Technical quality


Bowmasters is a game that relies on parody and a few casual character designs that give a funny and quite theatrical tone. This is its great success with a few color-rich environments and some animations the sea of fun when our protagonist reaches an arrow in the head.

Opinion of the editor


  • His tone casual and theatrical
  • Characters well special
  • The multiplayer


  • That does not have to Jesse Pinkman

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