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Buy your tenth Christmas Lottery with TuLotero and play in safe group


Christmas is a date well special for several reasons , I am not going to explain and that we all know, but gifts, family reunions, dinners and meals that draw of Christmas, all together, makes us be well forward to arriving these days. The only handicap is that each year seems that it comes more this Christmas with all the ads and these decorations that fill the streets of towns and cities in Spain.

The Christmas lottery is another special dates that many Spaniards gather in front of the screen in the morning to see if the tenth purchased has had this time lucky. A few tenths can be purchased from your mobile with an application that, among its qualities, is the ability to share them for free with friends and family through the agenda of your smartphone. Tulotero is this free app and we had to discuss some of its precious details.

Christmas Lottery from your mobile

This year expected five-fold last year figures obtained in the purchase of sales for mobile, so the expectations are many for those who prove luck to buy a tenth of lottery. TuLotero is a special why app gets that not you’ve lost none of the tenths of Christmas by having them well guarded on the phone, to even be able to play with them with a group of your phone book.


It can be summed up to TuLotero as a special application that puts in contact to the users of the app with the administrations Lottery associated, so that in this way tenths of Christmas and EuroMillones, Primitiva tickets and all SELAE games can be purchased. Not only is this appointment so special that this app is served, but that you can have it installed to watch other games.

Some of the most striking qualities, apart from to be able to share a tenth with your agenda, are the ability to search and request any number, even submit it you home by urgent courier. This means that since the same month of July you can buy 25,000 tenth digital different Christmas lottery. You have a number in mind, enter the app and have it. Easier impossible.

Buy Lottery group was never so easy

So the technology, as a simplepass by your smartphone’s camera is coming, this is scanned, you will know immediately if your tenth has received the fat. This app is the perfect way for the purchase of tenths, and here that this Christmas figures, as we have said, is have quintupled to 2015.


We are left with a feature that will allow you to share your tenth so then someone there is no any problem and that has sometimes come to light, as the one which was shared one tenth and finally stood with the award. This platform allows you to share the tenths and tickets to any contact in the agenda. Attentive to this: to be a record associated with the number of mobile phone, shared, can never steal or lose your units and tenths of lottery.

That is, that you can share with a few simple keystrokes the amount that you want with your friends and family. If it receives a prize, system be paid automatically to every user in the group the proportion that suits you.

Nor forget the Rockets and private penalties which, through a promotional code, any group of friends or coworkers can make bets from lottery, Euromillions, etc.

TuLotero is an app that boasts more than 150,000 registered users in a year of life, reaches 40 administrations of modernized lottery, already growing at a rate of 30% a month, and is completely safe to be backed by entities such as BBVA, PWC or ENISA.

You can download TuLotero for free from the Google Play Store.

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