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Calls in the Nexus app now identifies the phone spam


All the different categories of spam flooded many parts of the network to them calls that occasionally receive. The truth is that when they get heavy becomes quite tedious to have to be dealing with a daily call in which proposes a product without comparison that will fix all the problems of our lives so we go straight to paradise.

These incidents surely that will pass to another life when one has a phone Nexus to which is has added the detection of spam telephone. A novelty for these smartphones from Google that now will have a layer more than security to identify those calls of spam telephone. Already in 2013 received an update quite interesting in this sense when it added the ID of the incoming call from businesses as part of the launch of Android KitKat.

Now is when is receives an interesting Update well useful for the recognition of spam, though the feature is limited for them Android One and the Nexus. Spam detection is a major part of a service that we know and is called clock, a European startup that offers a PPP dialer which in some countries is having great success by its ability to prevent calls spam. This service has a comprehensive database that uses those laid by the users themselves.


Google has declared that this new feature will allow users block and report numbers phone used for spam, so it will use data from the users themselves to recognize the sources of unsolicited calls. The truth is that this identification does not is to the level of clock, but at least is a principle to prevent the spam for those users that have a Nexus.

And not only stays in Google this functionality, but that Apple will launch it in its imminent iOS 10.

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