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Carmageddon for Android can already be downloaded free

Carmageddon se puede descargar gratis en Android

At the end of the 90s, Stainless Games company launched a game called Carmageddon , who quickly rose to fame. The game put you behind the wheel of a car and is not to allow you free driving, but the goal itself was the run to all pedestrians and destroy all the cars you find along the way.

Obviously the game was considered the most controversial because of its violent character, to the point that there were countries in which was to prohibit their distribution or those who had to create a censored version. This did but increase his fame and is that play this game in full and uncensored became quite an achievement.

With the evolution in the world of video games, Carmageddon was lagging behind and its subsequent versions, both for PC as for consoles, has not had the same impact for the first time and the success was much lower. His departure also for operating systems as Android back in 2013, mobile nor made the game to achieve the success of yesteryear.

In fact, now on Android will be able to download the game for free Play Store, available for minimum Android 2.3 and logically with PEGI 18 rating. Will be a version grey, because to unlock all them racing or all them vehicles there will be that resort to them micropayments, amen of that will contain advertising, but at least is free, which will allow to many people rediscover is with what was that game to which played in an old computer of table much time back.

It is not that the previous version like this one from Carmageddon (with advertising and micropayments) cost much, so it was worth 1’99 euros download. But surely with this completely free version unless they will attract the nostalgic and perhaps engage someone who not enjoyed in his day as controversial and bloody, but ultimately up to fun.

Download: Carmageddon (Free+, Google Play) →

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