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CATTCH is a special pallets full of color and adventure

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The genre of platforms is one of my favorites and more on a mobile device where there are still limitations on the mapping of these levels or the extension of a video game. It is not that megs zillions games there are, but it is at the moment in which we find ourselves. It’s okay because we have video games that feature the best of mechanical or that special visual tone that gives us the stay a bit stoned while we observe as the protagonist sticks of a leap from here to there. Just ten days ago we had a great arrival Nitrome with Leap Day, the new and is one of those that we cannot complain about the State of this genre.

We now return to the platforms with the arrival of another title which has everything to become one of the best of the year in this category. Quite a surprise as video game in which the color, jumps and that special world that puts us at our feet, leads to go through one level after another. The truth is that it is left to discover this title created by MildMania, a study that we will remain attentive to their next games, since this CATTCH has several elements that we discover have back to a team that knows to do things well.

A 2D platformer to discover

The story takes us to a sea of molón protagonist given well help all who need it. Those extraordinary abilities that has are good special on the day an army of evil black creatures to invade its small and beautiful country called Cubika. CATTCH pursue them to the other side of the world and released to those friends who need your help.


CATTCH is a platform that has some pretty clever ideas such as those buckets or platforms that turn to cling to them and reach all corners hidden in each level. That level can be seen with binoculars so no nook does not escape us. And it is that this game offers a journey through a world full of color, sympathetic characters and a series of secrets you need to discover.

CATTCH helps save your country

CATTCH is a pleasant surprise as a 2D platformer and is that simple and easy control that leads to handle the sympathetic character through all these platforms. Like many others, you can grab the sides to go jumping with double jumps and go destroying cells where your friends with a few good hits. As you go to advance levels, you will discover new mechanics.


And is that you have 50 levels to discover a world full of color, dozens of stickers that you have to find and three magic items. As it cannot be otherwise, also you must solve the puzzles and go investigating well each of the levels so don’t get back any secret corner, another of his qualities and that close to all those mythical platforms such as Nintendo’s great Super Mario World.

You have it free from the Play Store with the option to remove the publicity by €2.11. An exceptional game in every sense and that hopefully the developers updated with more levels to deliver more content.

Technical quality


Graphically it’s outstanding and animations and control the character close to perfection. The character design is another of your points in favour, and the environment with these gradients and a well chosen color palette gives you that special point. Already using binoculars, we realize that in the design of the levels has been enough affection.

A good special game and renders perfectly in a good smartphone. All a discovery.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great design at a general level
  • Its sympathetic protagonist
  • Level design


  • Materials! and! design
  • Thinness
  • Price

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