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Changelog for Android 7.1 shows the unique characteristics of the Pixel


Google Pixel includes the 7.1 version of Android and among the list of changes you will find some subject exclusively to the first phone made by Google, while others will be available for the rest of “mortals” among which are the Nexus and other terminals Android.

It is rather logical that Google wanted to integrate certain exclusives for your phone to make Android manufacturers when they launch their own apps and features, but as we are accustomed to receiving so much, we were somewhat crushed not to have them in the next update which comes from the manufacturer of your phone. The official list of changes of Android 7.1 is here, so we are going to review it so that it is well clear that we will get.

The list of specific Android 7.1 changes for Pixel

  • Pixel Launcher: swipe up for all applications, new search button, head of day/time in the desktop
  • Google Assistant
  • Unlimited images/video at maximum quality in Google photos
  • Smart Storage‘: when the storage is full, are deleted automatically photos and videos already copied to the cloud Google photos
  • Support for chat / phone (new tab in settings, functionality of screen sharing
  • Fast adapter for a wireless configuration from Android or iPhone

For Pixel camera

  • Image stabilization software
  • Pro features
  • Default settings for the white balance
  • Exposure compensation
  • AE/AF lock
  • Grid display modes
  • For the HDR + HW accelerated
  • Smartburst
  • Processor for Sensor Hub with deep integration of sensors (accelerometer, compass, etc) + connectivity (Wi-Fi, GPS, data)

Cosmetic changes

  • Customized icons for the virtual keys and Assistant
  • SysUI color theme
  • Wallpaper selector with new wallpapers and sounds
  • New visual configuration and sensations
  • Dynamic icon for the calendar day

Changes in Android Nougat 7.1

  • Night mode
  • Improvements in performance on the screen
  • ‘Moves’ (gesture down on the fingerprint sensor)
  • Seamless for system updates
  • VR mode Daydream

Features for developers

  • API for apps shortcuts and their management
  • Support to icons of app circular
  • Insert image of keyboard
  • Gesture in the sensor of fingerprint to open and close the bar of notifications
  • Storage Administrator manual for apps
  • Improved the programming for VR
  • Improved metadata of the wallpaper
  • Support call Multi-endpoint
  • Support for various requirements MNO
  • Manual storage management that identifies apps and files and applications that use storage

We already know the peculiar and exceptional Google pixel in terms of software and which will lead to that many are left with the desire to try the Google phone. Google Assistant, Pixel Launcher, cargo unlimited any quality photos and virtual keys icons are the most eye-catching thing about Android 7.1, and the excuse to start thinking in purchasing Pixel.


Anyway, you can access the Pixel Launcher APK, through Allo to know Google Assistant, set Nova Launcher to the Pixel Launcher or stay with unlimited load of photos and video in HD, to feel a little what will be having a Pixel in the hand, or at least in the software.

For the rest of mortals, we will have the night mode or filter blue light, improvements in performance on screen and touch, and the ability to perform that swipe down to perform several actions. A 7.1 if we are still waiting the 7.0 by the end of the year, we will have to arm with patience so that manufacturers can decide to publish it without much delay.

As always, you will have the option of using modules Xposed or via custom ROMs for the exclusivities of Pixel, if one no longer wants to pass through these facilities and have the first Google phone, it must be passed by the store.

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