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Chrome 56 comes to Mac, Windows and Linux with HTML5 enabled serial and marking of unsafe sites


Yesterday, January 25 began the deployment of the 56 version of the browser Chrome for Mac, Windows and Linux computers. This update includes a range of features and security arrangements which already began with the previous version.

The highlight is that HTML5 is now enabled as standard for all users but also, now all the web sites HTTP sensitive will be marked as unsafe in the address bar.

The release of the Chrome browser which took place only last month enabled serial HTML5 for a small group of users but now has been given the big step and Chrome 56 HTML5 is already enabled by default for all users, warning on the first visit to the web pages that users request the use of Flash.

This novelty or “depreciation of the Adobe plug-in” assumes that it should bring to users an better and more secure web browsing experience.

With regard to security, this new version of Chrome also tag those sites HTTP which are not safe. Since last month, the HTTP pages that collect passwords, credit card or other sensitive or confidential information began to be marked as “Non-secure” in their own way, in order to promote the adoption of HTTPS.

Chrome 56 also incorporates compatibility to reproduce files of audio FLAC in computers Mac; the interface is still the standard Media Player, but is an important novelty since Apple’s operating system originally lacks support for this file format playback.

Also includes the API Web Bluetooth that allows web applications for Android, Chrome OS and Mac communicate with devices nearby Bluetooth Low Energy.

Chrome 56 for desktop is already being deployed while versions for Android and Chrome OS will arrive soon.

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