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Chromecast total sales exceeded 30 million units


All Google products, Chromecast has been the most successful in recent years. A dongle that serves to make streaming multimedia content you have on your smartphone or tablet to your TV screen and which has allowed many to ignore having to change your TV by a smart TV to have some of the characteristics of these same products.

Google has revealed as part of the publication of its quarterly financial results that the company has now sold more than 30 million units of their multimedia content relaying Chromecast devices. It was more than 10 months ago when even renewed its offer of this type of product with Chromecast 2 Chromecast Audio.

This new record for the company was announced by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, at the Alphabet Conference with financial analysts. Already in may, at the Google I/O Conference, revealed that it had sold 25 million Chromecasts, which means that in the last two months it has been able to sell 5 million more.

There are two products that now has for sale on the Google Store, Chromecast to send films, TV, music and all kinds of content through the phone to your TV, and programs Chromecast Audio, for the sending of your favorite music from your phone to speakers. The two meet at a price of €39.

It is curious that all these adventures with their devices with Nexus, I’ve had to be a smaller, a dongle, which was able to become a success in sales since it launched it some years ago. And even when there are more alternatives that when he launched the first edition, is able to sell as many units as soon as they are those 5 million in just 2 months.

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