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Clans clash is updated with new units, spells and friendly battles

Clash of Clans

While we stop not vitiate a Clash Royale, Supercell is working on improving its other three titles which are in the market such as Clash of Clans, there are Day and Boom Beach. Four titles that have much quality among all and that focus on the multiplayer aspect to enter clan wars, share your products with the neighborhood or get across an archipelago of Islands.

As on so many occasions, Clash of Clans has been updated with new content to satisfy its massive user base coming daily to take a few games. It has now launched a new update which brings with it two new spells, one that allows you to summon an army of skeletons, while the other will create a fake clone of your units to distract the enemy. We also have two new units and a new system of friendly battles.

New content

The two new units are the mining, which will move below the ground to stalk the enemy, and the baby Dragon, that is a unit that you will recognize those who play Clash Royale, and that it will make its great damage when does not have air units in his radius of attack.


As regards the new spells, they give much play. One is the spell that naclo, which is responsible for launching clones of units so confound the enemy. Another spell is the skeleton that will release an army of skeletons to find other ways to break the enemy Castle. The curious thing about the spell of cloning is that it will create a circle that will see the copies of all the troops who come in, so its location will be vital to have a great effect. The skeletal spell is available from the Town Hall level 9, mirror from level 10, the baby Dragon from level 9 and miner from level 10.

Bebe dragón

Other small details have been added as improvements in tool Edition, donation of troops and spells trained from the waiting list, the history of a clan war now can be seen in a public way (can be changed from the settings) and now you can know how many spectators are witnessing an attack.

The friendly battles

The other big news and need their own space are friendly battles. These allow the members of a clan attack to another to practice, compete or just having a fun time. They are unlimited and do not have any cost in gold or troops, spells, heroes or consumed traps. Also, will not be any kind of resource, trophies or other extras.

Batallas amistosas

For to invite a colleague from the clan to attack your fortification, simply search the new “Challenge” button at the top of the clan chat. Select even prepared bases for clan wars you can if you want. Another option is to insert a custom text and publish the friendly challenge the clan chat.

Once has been published, any of the members of the clan can accept the friendly battle to launch a bout. As I have said, we must not worry about anything in regard to resources and trophies. Everything is displayed in combat will be returned for that so you can continue your normal attacks clans enemies or other opponents. The fighter will be able to be reproduced and the results of the attack will be available from the clan of chat.

Ultimately, the friendly battles come to provide another way to improve your skills in the attack, perfect the defense of your base and experiment with the different troops you have. It will also allow the clans create their own competitions, which gives a very striking point to give more play to the clans.

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