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Color would soon come to the home of Android navigation button

Barra de navegación

The bar of navigation of Android has not been retouched in these latest versions and is one of the buttons we most often playing to pass an app to another from recent or the home button to go to the main screen where we have all apps and shortcuts that we most often use.

For all we know, it comes from a source which can be taken as certain, the new Google Nexus would be prepared to receive a navigation bar with a small renovation in the design. Color and one of those beautiful animations, which usually us have accustomed lately Android, would make his appearance for a redesigned buttons.

According to the source, the new multi color of home button are encouraged when he receives a long press, with various colors to expand in different directions until they gather out horizontally. Also you can see as all buttons now do not remain opaque, offering another visual aspect to this navigation bar that got that many manufacturers will pass the physicists on their phones.

The only thing we have so far is the image that this redesigned home button can be seen. What they know is that if this New button will be part of Android N or if it will be for the rest of devices that have Android N when manufacturers update them appropriately.

If we relate this story with this one we have had today, and that puts us in the smartphone created by the own Google, we can be an interface with the Google brand, which would help you to have a quite striking distinction for what would be that mobile device that could be one of the most important news of the year If The Telegraph is right.

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