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Consumer Reports notes that the Galaxy S8 reddish screen is not a big problem

Consumer Reports señala que pantalla rojiza del Galaxy S8 no es un gran problema

It has barely begun to be marketed, and is already receiving early reviews. We talked about the new ships Samsung logo, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Galaxy. In fact, already last week reported that some units had a true reddish around your screen.

Now, Consumer Reports has tested eight units of these smart phones from Samsung (four of each model), concluding that, If the problem is real, it is not a big problem.

Analysis conducted by Consumer Reports, four of the eight tested devices apparently presents a true reddish on the screen compared to the other models. The firm put side-by-side two devices, one that would have that problem and one that lacks it, showing the same image. The conclusion is that the difference is visible, but as the “picture of red dye seemed attractive and natural”, is not really remarkable.

The controversy, as it could not be otherwise, is served, and the Samsung company already has ruled in this regard through an official statement in which it says that the red screen problem is only a matter of calibration of color that can be adjusted manually by the users themselves.

Indeed, according to Samsung simply open the device settings menu and go to the section of the screen (within the section display) mode. However, although it is a “matter of configuration”, the South Korean giant added that it will be releasing a software update this week that will provide users who can adjust the color of the display to your liking.

Looking at the image above, is certain that the difference is minimal, or at least this seems it to me however, also is that it isn’t nice to buy a Smartphone that exceeds the 900 euro and discover that you have a reddish screen between hands.

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