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Continues the increase in smartphones with AMOLED displays at the expense of the LCD

Smart phone with AMOLED displays are increasingly popular, both a report by DigiTimes says that they will be on par with LCDs in a period of time not exceeding three years.

It is estimated that currently AMOLED screens represent 27.6% of the market of smartphones, while LCDs screens are in the rest of smartphones. Most of these phones with AMOLED displays are produced by Samsung which, moreover, is the leading manufacturer of smartphones in the world, while LCDs found on smartphones sold by brands such as LG, Sony or Apple among others.

In spite of this, figures highlight that the number of manufacturers has already adopted by the AMOLED technology for screens of its terminals has maintained a trend of constant growth over the past years. These manufacturers passed to the AMOLED LCD screens include companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi or Meizu

The main factor of this situation is that LCD displays were quite cheaper produce however, prices of AMOLED screens have been reduced to the point that, last year, fell below the LCD for the first time.

But the AMOLED technology also houses other benefits on the LCD, mainly an higher contrast and better viewing angles, not to mention that the AMOLED screens may also be curved, flexible.

Curve LCD technology has not reached even to smartphones, so the AMOLED technology is currently the only option for those manufacturers who want to offer smartphones with curved screens.

Samsung is currently the largest providerby far, AMOLED displays, and even Apple It could release an iPhone this year with this technology and curved screen. On the other hand, it is expected that screens OLED are even more frequent with the arrival of foldable smartphones, something that both Samsung and LG already could be working.

If the AMOLED technology reaches half of smartphones in 2020 as it suggests Digitimes is something that we don’t know yet, but it already seems inevitable is that it will continue to grow at the expense of the LCD.

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