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Controls both eyes at the same time in the new and Ketchapp Games crazy called Eyes Cube

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The capacity that has Ketchapp to bring us almost every few weeks a new game casual in which its simplicity, its mechanics and its technical quality borden almost perfectly, is really to highlight it and talk about it. A month ago put us before Versus Run, a video game in which we are the prey of a hunter who pursues us almost neurotic way and Stack, not long ago in which place the blocks in the proper is the gameplay and easy to try to create towers that we share with our friends to show them the expertise we have. A repertoire of games today add to another and which has come to the Google Play Store not many days ago.

Eyes Cube is the new casual game with fun and simple premises that Ketchapp Games attempt to us mareemos or return us a little crazy. If this is so, is by the gameplay that has, since we will have to focus on controlling two characters at the same time each one with its own circuit of obstacles. Yes, you will have to watch on the right side of the screen and the left that none of the two “eyes” is hampered and you need to start the game again. A game is not suitable for those who cannot two things at the same time, it will be difficult to focus on both sides of the screen, unless you train you on it.

Controls two eyes that are each on its side

Eyes Cube at first can give the feeling of that can give us a headache if we try to beat our record that we have succeeded in the first match. The gameplay is quite simple, but it is in the difficulty of controlling two eyes or characters where you will find great difficulty.

Eyes Cube

Starts the game and with a push on each side of the screen we will be able to either of the eyes avoid those obstacles that appear in the form of blocks. If the game only had to control one, it would be very simple, but controlling both at the same time puts us before a Cube Eyes in which we will have to have enough patience to go getting better scores.

Get new eyes

In the Cadence of the obstacles that appear on the two sides of the screen, is where to find the trick to go getting higher points. You’ll almost have to use the power of concentration to be attentive to both eyes at the same time as they are dodging those horizontal bars.

Eyes Cube

As in other games style, go getting coins will allow us to unlock new characters, in this case eyes in different ways. A point to get longer life to a perfect game for casual games and in which aesthetics also plays in their favor with those blocks with isometric view that gives her that to add more quality to the whole.

A game is style Ketchapp Games that do not have much content, but the gameplay is its greatest virtue. The other technical elements added to make you a better title. You have it available for free from the Google Play Store and if you are looking for casual one for sit & go, it is special to do this.

Technical quality

Eyes Cube

Ketchapp Games in technical quality embroidering it with the vast majority of their games and Eyes Cube follows the prevailing line where we find games developed perfectly. Emphasizes that style block that gives you something different in appearance and that he succeeds without work much, is rather in the visual concept, know where to find the key.

A video game that converges so let’s split followed without wasting much time on us saddened by having to start again.

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