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Controls the severity in this casual call Gravity Square

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Jetpack Joyride is one of those games that stands out as having several different gameplay depending on the power that we have unlocked as you can take this bike to go at great speed through the galleries or take command of a robot with a kind of hooks that is able to move instantly if we use it properly. These different objects that you can use include costume anti gravity that allows you to run across the ceiling without major problems. A pretty fun game mechanic and that it may encourage that you have to stop a bit of play by the nerves that you can have.

Here is where to play Gravity Square to take control of gravity in a platform endless runner in which we will have to help the protagonist to jump from the roof to the ground followed to avoid own obstacle which is the way. A fairly simple game and that this same becomes one of those casual which is all very well to play a game in those minutes of relaxation that we have on the day. Simple graphics for an equally simple gameplay that leads us to discover one of those video games that try to bring the recipe for the success of others like Crossy Road or Flappy Bird.

As simple as great quality

With a one-touch format to pass the ceiling to the floor, we will have to control the severity of the protagonist to avoid such platforms appearing before us. And it is that road will be drawing as we are avoiding those outstanding that will get us to start the game, if we are not the business enough to sort them almost instantly.

Gravity Square

The reality is that in such small qualities is the reason for the success for this small and casual game in which, if we had drawn the way whereby we go wandering, just it would have difficulty and we would ask us the why he must play it. The team behind this game knows very well what they do and put us at a level that is generating random and getting us to pay sufficient attention so that our protagonist not stick it is well given.

Copying to Ketchapp Games

Ketchapp Games just launched a game identical to this same, so we do not know well of the two is the one who copied who. We will not much worry about a simple gameplay which does not give for more.

Gravity Square

We will have to go collecting the coins to go unblocking that good number of different characters, one of the areas with which the developer tries to you play it daily to get all those protagonists who are waiting for you. It is precisely 30 which await you the forms and funniest costumes. Perhaps one of the qualities of this game is that Gallery opens step to all parts to finish in diagonal or vertical, giving it his thing to the game and, in part, originality.

It free from the Play Store with obvious micropayments, typical of these casual games. A good game for a while no more than this.

Technical quality

Gravity Square

Gravity Square not noted in the technical quality almost for nothing, perhaps its tone in general is that it becomes a curious initiative which in the variety of characters and designs is one of their biggest hits. Advocate for pixel art, the game pays very well without lack of performance, and in this randomness we find another of their best points so that levels are opening up before us.

A game simple and fun that little we can say technically, only recommend you to try it.

Opinion of the editor


  • Simple to play
  • Its varied characters


  • It can be very difficult to

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