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Could set aside the series Samsung Note and releasing a variant of the S8 to replace it?

S7 edge

Increasingly emerging more news that put us before different variants of the Galaxy S8 approaching 6 inches. With this would have in hands a phone phablet that could replace perfectly to that series Note, which seems that the Korean company would like to bury in the ground, at least for a while until the explosions and fires were a thing of the past. Even if we know that they are delaying the arrival of the Galaxy S8 for the month of April, it wouldn’t be so bad intended to launch a Variant to replace the reviled series Note with that fateful Note 7.

Today have known that even the Galaxy S8 could incorporate a S Pen as an extra accessory, which puts on the table the strong possibility that if really are before the temporary burial of one series Note and a Galaxy series that is taking greater integer into which occupies the space on the market that was in possession of the Note. We will see if this is the case, to take off in the middle of the series Note in 2017 would be quite an event, although it wouldn’t be the first time occurring regional form.

A Galaxy S8 with S Pen as extra?

It is almost difficult to focus now on what you can expect from the S8 Samsung Galaxy. Is must mostly to each day have a new information that us speaks of its configuration dual, of its sensor of footprints embedded in it screen, their different variants in them dimensions of the screen or that aspect without bezels that us will take to a smartphone more close to the my MIX of Xiaomi that what was the previous Galaxy S7.

Pen S

The news of today we put before a Galaxy S8 that would be released with an accessory external, the S pen. Yes, that Pen has always been related to the series Note and that you can now access to your purchase when you pass by the box to have in your hand a Galaxy S8 that stands as one of the coolest smartphones of recent times; It’s interesting is must not only by their specifications, but by the desire to that has the manufacturer Korean of bring the best device mobile possible to the market.

But it will not be integrated with the phone

The difference more remarkable is that the S Pen not will be integrated with the phone as if has happened in the Galaxy Note 7, although it will be sold from form separate with a price that is added to the total of the S8. Previous rumors have put us a model Galaxy S8 Plus with 6-inch screen, it seems evident well that Samsung wants to fill the gap left by the Note 7 with some of the impending Galaxy S8 models.


If to this add your delay in the arrival, just in the month of April, due to a delay in the manufacturing of them chips Snapdragon 835, the manufacturer Korean could kill two birds of a shot and leave to the S8 as the ship logo that rule the year with regard to sales, qualities and expectations from all the world.

Anyway, have to say that the Pen of the Galaxy S S8 could be only sold in South Korea, so we will keep us cautious about that possibility and let us not remain more wanting, because there are many that have been used in their Note to use this tool to take notes, draw and interact with the terminal.

As played strategic from Samsung is well designed, as would allow “breathing” to the series Note during a year to devise something with what return and remove is of between all it happened with that Note 7 that is located as one of them best smartphone Android of all them times.

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