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Could you live a day without your smartphone?


We live literally “connected” to the world. The smartphone has become an appendage of our body. So much so that accompanies us almost 24 hours a day. If you think, there are very few things that make in our work daily without have the smartphone over.

Is true that does not many years lived happy without them moving. But taking in account all what us have contributed to our lives, today not is possible conceive a day without them. And Although the “addiction” that cause has been object of many critical, is a fact that today form part of our lives.

Spend a day without smartphone is increasingly difficult.

Thinking in a day normal of any person the use of the smartphone starts very early. Even can that be our phone which from start to the day by his alarm. Although there are who are still using the alarm, the vast majority of users has grown to use the smartphone to wake to. Therefore, before even start the day already there who would you miss your mobile phone.

Coffee or breakfast in the morning often serve to read news, sports scores, or updates from social networks. As we all know Facebook was born earlier than smartphones. But considering the application in our hand, can’t think of us turn on the computer for a glimpse. Perhaps the power consult to the moment our networking social is an of them things that more Miss of less.

Once past the breakfast, we headed to work. If we do it in subway, bus or walking a function of our phones that many there are extrañaríamos, the music player. Return to an mp3 player does not fit into our minds. And if the music is part of our normal day here we could suffer more than necessary.

If to high, the trip to the work or to the Faculty is long, this can make is eternal without our “friend”. Although we know that a book is always a great ally, some have the custom download any pending the time series chapter to not miss anything. Is clear that the paragraph multimedia that us offers a smartphone is of it more used to make our journeys more enjoyable.

We have smartphone-dependence? IF!


Once at work, if our job does not in an office or office. Or if in the faculty does not have of computer or connection to internet the feeling of isolation is immense. Know that there is a whole world there outside in which things happen and who, without our smartphone we are not aware. Do you see yourself able to overcome it?.

After the working day, we return home and after find out all the news, it is our moment of relaxation. When we are resting, sofa or in bed before going to sleep is one of the moments that more use is made of the smartphone. Therefore, a time more, would have to “pull” of computer or tablet to “follow in the world”.

In a day without smartphone us is the features of many things that pass by high often. Have time to think, talk, look by the window. But by very romantic that may seem, currently If not carry our phone mobile feel a feeling of disconnection before non-existent. Mostly because if try to socialize, it normal is that the rest of people take their phone. And is normal that during a conversation is to take two or three glimpses as minimum to messages, calls or warnings.

Want to recognize it or not the smartphones are installed in our lives. And came to meet it. Therefore, is best treated of make of them the best use possible. And instead of denying technology, using it in the manner most appropriate. If any time is has broken your smartphone and have sense the overwhelmed of having that pass a day without it. Don’t you worry, us has past to everyone.

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