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Create an Empire with your chicken farm in the great Egg, Inc.

Egg Inc

Them clicker are games in which almost us must of focus in press repeatedly the screen to cause more damage or get more points that then will use to provide to a group of heroes of better armament, powers or clothing. These types of games are based on that I can stop playing them for a few hours so that when we come back the loot we have there by waiting to consume it in improvements to the members of the team or our own hero. But we have also seen this type of video games in which we must reach become brilliant knowing well bet all that money we get.

One of those games that we can cover millions in our coffers is Egg Inc, a video game in which you run to a chicken farm to sell her eggs and become a millionaire overnight the morning person. Egg Inc proposed a series attempt to become in that game that vicies it every day, but really don’t know or why you do it, since its gameplay consists in going to invest in improvements to your farm to have more capacity to be more chickens and, therefore, more eggs. This game has a visual style to the spot colors that you can remember to others and that puts the accent on the quality that holds. If you want to become a millionaire in a virtual way, Egg Inc. is for you.

Chickens brothers

We are not in a spin-off of Breaking Bad with this popular franchise called chickens brothers which is headed by one of the Lords of the area, but that we are in a video game for Android that will get that every day don’t forget to manage that chicken farm in which you start with a facility to another.

Egg Inc

And farm management is the real objective of this video game in which you can create a large number of chickens if you press quickly and repeated on the special for this button. If you run out of space to house all those chickens, you can update their booths and thus produce more, that is what is really this game. The game features a main interface from which you can control all aspects as improvements for each of the characteristics of the farm, improve the transport chain to have best trucks or buy a pair of silos for more storage when you find the game offline.

Millions of eggs are waiting for you

It is a game that has almost no end, but it has its limit when you get to your farm reaches a particular value and can sell it to get the following special egg that will allow you to produce more. Thanks to the improvements, you can reduce costs, streamline some processes or store more chickens. The epic improvements that will continue to permanentenes even if you start with another farm of a higher level are also.

Egg Inc

The achievements are another interesting aspects and that will guide you in the first few minutes so that you understand the gameplay of Egg Inc, a fun game and is leaving to play quickly. It has its details as those gadgets flying that we can destroy with a simple click and a good quality in all appearances. As a whole is presented in a great shape as you can see, apart from pay wonderfully.

If you are looking for a game of management of a factory, in this case a farm, Inc Egg is perfect. You have free from the Play Store with obvious freemium business model.

Technical quality

Egg Inc

It is notable your graphic quality with spot colors and very colourful which gives a very good appearance. The rest of the game design is height and is appreciably models of vehicles, houses and other environment that is changing as we play.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great design in the visual
  • Many farms for unlocking


  • Nothing

Download application

Download: Egg, Inc. (Free*, Google Play) →

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