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CTRL-F will help you to search in real text documents with your phone’s camera

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In the 1980s premiered short film showing us a well nice robot had some interesting powers. That scene in which reads books from a good quick way to let the kids of those years excited by the idea of having a robot in the House that could serve for some of those tasks as surprising at the time, but who today have become a little old if we compare them with lor that is capable of making a smartphone.

CTRL-F is one of those apps that can leave well stunned the user who uses it for the first time to discover that it is capable with this app to Search in real books by using the phone’s camera. Tomas the app, the camera of your mobile and this is take care of search a word in concrete in the page of any document to which approaches with your smartphone. A great idea for a great app as you can see.

The operation is quite simple and is that is takes a photography of a sheet of any book in which is wants to search a word in concrete, so CTRL-F quickly it analyze and is capable of create a version digital in your phone. You enter the search term and in an instant you can have the word prominently.


The picture of the text need to be well lit and clear, since otherwise it will make harder that this app works perfectly. CTRL-F will also save a copy of the document if you want to. This is in terms General what is CTRL-F, an app that comes centered in the search of words in texts or documents real that I can come very well for certain tasks, since you will allow that not have that read it of form complete and do the work the application.

Download: CTRL-F-Search the real world (Free, Google Play) →

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