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Cyanogen disposes of part of the template and maybe Kondik


Steve Kondik was part important of the creation of this small company that emerged of that community of developers that is commissioned of revive phones that were left to the derived by several manufacturers that not is were very motivated in offer the support necessary to those devices that is looked at in few months with versions ancient of Android.

It is the same Kondik which could see his feet outside Cyanogen Inc. If the rumors that we have today same are in it some. And it is, according to sources both internal and external, this small company could get rid of their headquarters in Seattle for end of the year, which would be as a four weeks of time.

Is in the day of today when several sources anonymous have stated that of form internal is has announced this news, more what would be some layoffs. Among those laid off people, would have given them some opportunity to be able to follow the company into a smaller office of Cyanogen in Palo Alto.

It is in that same office in Palo Alto, where two employees of Cyanogen working on the development of Android, have also had at your table your letters of dismissal.

Sources either clarify the decision about co-founder Steve Kondik, which was removed last month from the template. Your current position does not clarify anything about their future in the company, so black clouds looming over this company that seems to some decisions taken in its few years of existence, it been embarrassed so that it does not seem to have much future.

Have of remember that Cyanogen Inc. took some decisions risky as separated is of the store of Google to approach is more to their own apps and even them of Microsoft already known by all. Here are updates such as CM 14.

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