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Cyanogen Inc debunks rumors and says that it will continue to develop its ROM


Perhaps everything comes from the lack of communication from Cyanogen Inc which has not sought to show where it goes and sometimes leaves certain information from third parties to flood the network that always looks for answers to questions that emerge when a beloved initiative, it seems that you are taking less interest and doesn’t really know where it is headed.

Steve Kondik, co-founder and CTO of Cyanogen Inc, has posted on his blog that Cyanogen Inc will continue as usual without any money to the development of apps and where to go is CyanogenMod is a participatory tool that try to dominate others. This leaves us calm by suspicions about the future of Cyanogen Inc, which now depends on the CyanogenMod community.

The speculation is pounced yesterday same with those ideas on the possibility of that Cyanogen Inc is focus in the creation of apps and by this abandon to your luck to CyanogenMod, leaving it entirely in hands of the own community of users that has been also which it led to the starry.

Kondik warns that the company remains focused on its objectives and that when he founded three years ago the company, knew he would be with happy moments, but other well raw. The idea of Cyanogen is to make functional a complete ROM Android and that his focus is on the little things and not go to big, although this is the feeling you have been able to give to ally with Microsoft to try to remove the back to Google.

It becomes clear that Kondik is able to calm the waters with their words, while CEO, Kirt McMaster, been intended to drive out Google’s Android to approach other companies such as Microsoft. Is that that target ambitious has led to many to think that Cyanogen seeks it large, instead of focus is in it small as Kondik declares.

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