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Cyanogen Inc. reduces template at the same time that will focus on the development of apps


When it was announced Cyanogen Inc. we were all surprised by the new path that took some of the components of CyanogenMod to move towards the production of smartphones. They started on the right foot and reached good agreements to even have a special version of the CM OnePlus, what earned many followers of CyanogenMod to have as a basis the special ROM, but it seems that everything is going so well lately.

We do not like the bad news and more about a team of development that their components have been parts of the success of Android in the CyanogenMod has given support with custom ROMs when layers of manufacturers gave a little sorry. What happens when you toss as a company you are with the harsh reality of being in a very difficult time in the market. And is that now we know that Cyanogen Inc is reducing template and its idea is focus is in the development of applications.

The rumor comes to commenting that 20% of employees have been advised of the possibility of leaving part of the company. Still have the confirmation and we have a rumor, but there are several sources that the company is making some changes to its policy and direction that is going to take.

Among those changes would be the development of apps, something in which takes already time submerged and that know all that knows do very well. Anyway, I said, we’ll see how it takes that new road and if we walk in the truth about a startup that we’ve known a year ago that it would be allying with Microsoft.

Now Let’s hope that everything goes well and that path took, even if it has found some pitfalls in the, be able to overcome them and find a target clear where to go.

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