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Cyanogenmod for all the Android battery bar

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In this new post and making case to them different requests that I have arrived via reviews of the blog and different networks social in which Androidsis and I personally participated actively, today them want to explain as get install the famous bar of battery of Cyanogenmod in any type of terminal Android, this even without have a terminal Android rooted.

This famous bar of battery of Cyanogenmod, a modification or extra that comes of series in them known Roms of it community Cyanogenmod, it are going to get install without greater difficulty that the download of an application free, that although has with the option of payments in app for get unlock all its features extras, from his version Basic or free of payments already us goes to allow the committed of today that not is another that lto installation This elegant bar of battery in any terminal Android even if this a Stock or original Rom .

The name of the application that we have to look in the Store Play of Google, the official store of applications for Android, is the Energy Bar, application linked direct to Google Play you are going to be able to find just below these lines.

But that is what we offer exactly Energy Bar?

La barra de batería de Cyanogenmod para todos los Android

Energy Bar is an application that from their version completely free us goes to allow the to enjoy of the functional bar of battery of Cyanogenmod in any type of terminal Android, have this a Rom Stock modified by the manufacturer of the device or count with a Rom of them called as Android clean or Android pure.

From your version free of payments, or from the version free and without have that perform no type of payment within the app, are going to to enjoy of them following options of configuration of the bar of battery of Cyanogenmod:

  • Normal Bar to select the bar identical to that is we offers in Cyanogenmod.
  • Status Bar: This is an option that requires the payment of the app Premium version, an amazing battery bar that uses our Android taskbar to show the level of the battery in a spectacular way, requires a payment of 2.19 euros but the truth is a pretty ridiculous amount if we see the results we get with this functionality. (See video attached to know of what I speak)
  • Ability to set the thickness of the battery bar.
  • Options to configure the start or style of the bar to the right, to the left or focused in both modes, or both for the Normal free Bar and the Status Bar of payment.
  • Possibility of autoocultar the bar of the battery in applications and games to display complete.
  • Configuration of color in mode segments or gradient. (Option Premium)

La barra de batería de Cyanogenmod para todos los Android

The truth is that if ever you’ve tried these ROMs Cyanogenmod, surely know well of the battery bar that you are talking about and well that is on any Android device. A battery bar that helps us to quickly view our Android battery level, and that also, when we are charging terminal offers us some style animations drip or input current truth be told are the elegant sea.

Download free Energy Bar from Google’s Store Play

Download: Energy Bar (Free+, Google Play) →

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