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CyanogenMod passed to better life and goodbye forever


CyanogenMod always will have its space well dear by all which had the occasion in the first years of Android of try those ROMs custom. A few ROMs that allowed us to have a software and a custom layer offering optimal performance if compared to those of the manufacturers that left much to be desired.

The CyanogenMod today same it given its sad goodbye for ever in a post that leaves well said that they cease to develop ROMs. That Yes, will leave open source or open source so that any developer can take it and create your custom ROM. But I said, a sad and bitter note for this Christmas day in which we should be thinking about other more positive things.

This is the note in the blog:

As part of the consolidation of Cyanogen, Cyanogen nightly builds and all services will be discotinuados from December 31, 2016. The Open Source Project and source code will remain available to anyone who wants to develop CyanogenMod personally.

In final, a day very sad for Android, since we are before one of them teams of development that have been part of the spectacular progression of this SO for devices mobile. Not is can understand Android without CyanogenMod, and surely that in the future Let’s take in missing that great amount of developers that without mood of profit offered ROMs for those users that is them saw to update your phone to the last version of Android, or that simply sought that your phone work well.

Cyanogen has not clarified the reasons for this decision, but the truth is that lately not they were having a good and even its founder had to leave the company.

Now that we can bid farewell to a CyanogenMod which has meant much for as many users as to the own Android. Surely those ROMs that will remain with your open source developers and chefs, will take them but said, a sad day for Android.

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