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Dash Quest, an endless runner RPG in which you’ll find bosses, and more

Normally we tend to bring video games that take little time Google Play store by these lines. Even or just weeks so can know them, although nor missing those that after months is have gone devoting and not could let them pass to have your space in this section of video games that all them purposes of week you accompany from Androidsis. If this year 2016 that happened has been a big one for the gaming, 2017 is sensed even better and if with games RPG endless runner and which propose that we want to leave here so that we can return to the coming year, better than best.

Dash Quest is that endless runner RPG which will get hooked so you’re improving the main protagonist. A video game created by Tiny Titan Studios and to draw in the pixelated graphics to create a title that you’ll play much, since it goes throw made with all the elements that compose it. These range from the ability to be updated a variety of statistics, until the option to upgrade your computer with numerous weapons, rings and all kinds of armor, while you will do with the magic. A game that stands out high and 4.7 points on average in the Play Store placed it as one of the most interesting RPGs of the time, at least looking from one side more arcade.

A very interesting fusion

This RPG endless runner uses a mechanism simple to interact with all those enemies who will come in our way. We have the right side of the screen to launch swords with our weapon, and the possibility of making beats prolonged to go by invoking the spell attack base. The more time we have we have struck, more power will unleash.

Dash Quest

On the left we have a spell of protection that we can use it at any time to reject those that we launch, as it may be the first final boss you find on our way to glory or wherever, since we we miss a bit of history to animate the race waiting for us ahead.

These are the three basic interactions that we have at the time of fighting against hordes of enemies, but not only stays here, since as we go getting more money and more level, we can go to unlocking new spells as we can get potions of life or other. These spells can be varied and according to the statistics of magic that we have, may have greater effect, so it is interesting that you comply your hero in a proper way. This I mean that, if you want to use magic, you have to enhance related statistics to make your wizard more powerful, while those linked to the attack melee or life will have to avoid them.

Get pet and outlines your hero to your liking

You have three holes empty at the beginning of the game to create three heroes. If to this we add you the option to reset the statistics so that you change the points and so try another type of combat, we have a lot of options when it comes to find the maximum possible damage with our protagonist.

Dash Quest

It is here where he plays his best cards, since according to consigamos pets and other virtues, such as all kinds of potions, we will have to know how to best sharpen the powers of our character. We have also different areas in which we will find bosses that will give us better prizes and rewards, so we will have lots of play for an RPG that will surprise you more and more as you go playing it.

It free from the Google Store Play with obvious micropayments. An RPG endless runner to enjoy and which is highly recommended.

Technical quality

Dash Quest

Dash Quest plays with pixel art very well and has a great development technical in other elements such as the design of characters, enemies, and those environments. It is high note sound to the pure arcade, so we have a very well designed overall game.

Opinion of the editor


  • To develop your hero as you want
  • Great content
  • Simple but effective combat


  • They could be more well-rehearsed animations

Download application

Download: Dash Quest (+Free, Google Play) →

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