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Defendant WhatsApp for sharing information from users without their consent


WhatsApp is being claimed in Germany by collecting and sharing data of users with the network social Facebook. The action comes since WhatsApp the decision in August 2016 starting connect the phone numbers of the users with systems and Facebook tracking basic metrics.

A good mess, was formed so that WhatsApp had to come to the fore to cool the climax, since when this chat app was bought by Facebook, it said that they would never be linked or data would be taken for the social network users. Naive some, this not have been thus and tremendous mess have over.

Apparently, WhatsApp also sends them numbers of phone of the contacts of those users to Facebook, even if not are or users of WhatsApp. That sounds very bad. In addition, WhatsApp users who rejected the Facebook program to use user data to target advertising and suggest friends, not were given the option to cease sharing of data completely.

Already was in the month of September, when them bodies Government ordered to Facebook to stop of collect and store the data of users in Germany. In the month of December was when the European Commission accused the social network to give incorrect or misleading information.

Is now when the Federation German of organizations of consumers is requesting a mandate for is cessation with the sharing of data and make that Facebook delete all them data collected of them users of WhatsApp in Germany, accusing to the company of abusing of the confidence of them users.

WhatsApp maintains and defends itself with its privacy policy and terms to obey laws and European regulations. It does not seem that the story will end here and it is clear that WhatsApp lied that day that came out in defense of the accusations on the issue of privacy when falling into the hands of the social network.

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