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Design your own rover to explore the lunar surface in The Lunar Explorer

There are certain games that know how to give the proper key so we put all the ingenuity to succeed through the gameplay that has placed at our disposal. A clear example is the possibilities offered Minecraft to create worlds of their own. We put the necessary tools for that from our imagination can build castles, bridges, villages and everything that we want. Its great success is that get that we can work to “build” something that works for ourselves or for a game multiplayer when we miss one locally. And it is precisely here where the genius of some video games.

If that happens with The Lunar Explorer. A very interesting game in which you have to design a vehicle so this “roll” through the Moon’s surface. The aim is to achieve the greatest possible distance we can with our designs to get more points and level up. A game that is more complex than what may seem at first, since it is in the design of the vehicle where we will have to invent it to us to try our rover to explore the largest possible lunar surface. If you fancy a different game and prove your ingenuity in the design of ground vehicles, do not miss the appointment with The Lunar Explorer.

Draw your rover and engages the wheels

The Lunar Explorer will put you in the drawing of your rover. This means that with your finger you have to draw any form in the first step, for a second, put up to 8 wheels you have maximum. It is here where the issue kit, draw that shape special to get the rover to move through the various obstacles and those wheels that will get moved to the rover forward.

The Lunar Explorer

If you diseñáis a rover circle-shaped, it is easier than it is rolling downhill when you find a great inclination Hill. On the other hand, if you do it too flat and put him many wheels in their basement, surely, when by some chance fall given turn, is print unable to move.

It is in the design where one of the greatest virtues of this game, is that when you pass level and your rover get higher propulsion power, you can devise other designs to get so as far as possible on the lunar surface.

Use the power-ups and enjoy multiplayer

Apart from the design of the rover, you can avail of them enhancers to get more far. You have one that propels forward, another sticking one jump, another that will fly to the rover for a few seconds and last one that is responsible for drawing a straight line that moves smoothly your rover dodging all kinds of variations of the field.

The Lunar Explorer

The Lunar Explorer also has a very interesting multiplayer component and you putting before games against each other at which you must try to distancing you from the adversary meters X amount. At the top of the screen you can see the record of the player who has managed to reach further, to even display the design of your vehicle that has managed to reach up to 8,000 meters in some cases.

The Lunar Explorer

A special video game in which you have to put much of your wit to contrive that rover with which you can beat other players and get as far as possible in the exploration of the lunar surface. You have it for free from the Google Play Store and micropayments inherent in this system of free game.

Technical quality

The Lunar Explorer

The Lunar Explorer uses a physical object well achieved, although sometimes it can give the feeling that our rover “boot”, although this is due to the specific gravity of the moon. Its graphics are skimpy, but are very well to offer the feeling of that walk the moon with our beloved experimental vehicle.

Opinion of the editor


  • Much ingenuity
  • Original concept
  • Its multiplayer aspect


  • Too many micropayments

Download application

Download: The Lunar Explorer (Free+, Google Play) →

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