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Digital clock Live Wallpaper free

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After receiving many messages asking me to share with you all the application that I’m using as a Widget of analog clock, the first thing I have to say is that it it is not a Widget clock if that is not a sensational Live Wallpaper or animated wallpaper or on the move, which is very but very configurable so much that I’ve been using it already in my Android for several days.

So in the attached video with which we begin this post, I want to show everything that gives us this stunning wallpaper application moving, totally free application, and with which we will have that sensational digital real-time clock and available from any desktop in which we find ourselves, unlike Widgets desktop that only show us a single screen or desktop. In addition to this we also have other interesting options such as battery level also full-time real or if you have the terminal connected to the current or not.

Reloj digital Live Wallpaper gratis

To begin to tell you that the application that as I have told you can download it free of charge in the Store Play of Google, the official store of applications for Android, by the name of BasicWall and offers us peculiarities as interesting as that then they pass to explain.

All that gives us BasicWall, the app’s digital watch Live Wallpapers

Reloj digital Live Wallpaper gratis

The main functionality by which I have asked to near this BasicWall or Live Wallpapers of clock digital, is precisely that the attractive clock digital that can configure through the aplciacion so is persistent in any screen of our desktop Android. As well, although it is one of the most attractive and of the implementing aspects, and I can assure that it is not the only function interest you or the only possibility which offers us this great wallpaper application in motion.

BasicWall is an application to or so if you want account with icon to show in the box of applications so we will have to enter it from Walppaper Android settings, settings that can be found with just keep pressed for a couple of seconds the screen of our Android from your main desktop or Launcher android.

Once on the internal settings of the application we will find with options or features as interesting as which I explain in attached video that I have left at the beginning of the post, options to select the wallpaper to display to select from our library of photos or even, some very interesting options as themes or Skins that allow us to enjoy a few wallpapers gradients with a few tones very but very cool.

Reloj digital Live Wallpaper gratis

Also have options to select items that are shown in the background in movement or options for, move and place the above elements at the strategic site and that most interests us screen d on your Android device. We also have options to change the font of the elements and in general a lot of configuration options and customization that will make this Live Wallpaper or wallpaper in motion is a good season on our Android terminals.

Download free BasicWall from Google’s Store Play

Download: BasicWall (Free, Google Play) →

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