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Disney would be interested, also, in the purchase of Twitter


Last week came the news that Google was one of the companies that would be behind the future purchase of Twitter, this social network of micromensajes has been updated in recent years with many new features. Now is when Disney is attached to that queue of companies that not come with bad eyes have to that network social in property.

Among all them have to Salesforce, Google, Verizon and Microsoft, by what is very Disney. This would be the largest acquisition for this company that has to its credit even to Lucasarts, hence we can see new Star Wars movies. Logically, Twitter is a network social very interesting and attractive for those large companies that want to expand their repertoire digital or put their hands in it technology.

Nor is it that more details have given for this possible purchase, so that leaves us a little wanting to know a little more. It would not be surprising to see this giant company to acquire Twitter, seen what happened with other purchases as it was Pixar or Lucasarts.

The obvious reason that Disney might have to Twitter would be the firstelectrical of several of their networks and content related. ESPN and ABC content would be available in this social network, even with the option of using it as a way for live streaming. Let us also remember that Twitter has in its possession a Periscope, so it would be a great buy.

Them others competitors is include to Salesforce, that would be in contact with Bank of America to launch his bet, while the rest have also their ideas of how cajole to Twitter to pass to some of their hands. Google, to first, would seem as a great destination, primarily by the relationship that have and as to those of Mountain View would have to Periscope in property.

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